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The answer to “about the author” is contained more accurately in the posts, but I suppose you’re here to not do all that.

Here’s a brief biographical snippet: I was born in 1987 in Pennsylvania. I’m non-binary, but I was closeted until 2021. I don’t care how strangers refer to me, as it relates to pronouns. I’m autistic, and didn’t know it until 2020. I’m queer, but I was closeted until 2019. I am a recovering academic, now finishing my Ph.D. in “Media Arts & Sciences” out of obligation more than any actual interest in it.

I’m a musician, writer, podcaster, and have recently started experimenting with photography. I’m interested in a lot of different things, and this is my space to write posts and essays about them.

If there’s something in this blog that you want to use elsewhere, you may, but please link and attribute appropriately. If you want to use my work to make money, please contact me prior to use.

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